Monday, March 1, 2010

rajiv gandhi

Rajiv Gandhi was prime minister of India from 1984 after the assassination of Indira Gandhi, at the age of 41.He made drastic change in the Indian political, social and economic scenario with his modern outlook.  He was a commercial pilot with the Indian Airlines before entering into politics.  He is considered the most handsome prime minister of India. This picture was based on a poster circulated by the Indian National Congress during one of the elections during the eightees. It was intentionally painted in monochrome.


  1. oh wow!!! this is wonderful ...what a great piece!

  2. diana,
    visited your blog again...
    post more about that...

  3. Hi Sethu,
    Rajiv Gandhi was a young man of enthusiatic in changing India to modern outlook; i am still impressed by his effort...Wistfully, he passed away too early because of wicked of someone. I'm glad to see this painting of you...Rajiv was portrayed as a good-looking man and handsome too in this painting...Very nicely Done, Sethu...I very love it as well!!!!

  4. thanks nureeya,
    you are always encouraging...